Bruised and battered, I continue to grovel. Yet I’m still sinking beneath the ground. This is the lowest I have ever been, the bedrock of my timeline. No matter how hard I dig and pull myself up, I am being pulled by the soil. I was always in dirt that up ’til now I would imagine how it feels to fly. Because when I leap, I sink deeper depending on how high I attempted to reach. … More Bedrock

40 Days

I would count the things I will miss about you. I tend to be reminded of you in everything I do or see. I always wondered what you’ll say for every circumstance I’m in. I’d torture myself of all the guilt I started to feel when you died. … More 40 Days

Visiting Hours

Last night, for the very first time since you passed away, I dreamed of you. With overwhelming excitement, I hugged you tightly on your shoulders from behind, losing any sensation of reality. You gave me a chance to at least embrace you one last time, even if it’s unreal. For my arms and my soul, you felt so solid and warm and existent. … More Visiting Hours

Fallen Hero

Most of the time, I was trapped in the trance called memories. Eating became a chore. Sleeping felt like a waste of time. My plans for the future got scraped from the clipboard. Dreams remained as dreams. Remorse deepened its stab against my heart. … More Fallen Hero