It bothers me how eager you are to save what is crumbling, yet you try to hammer it down at the same time. It’s sad that your weaknesses leaked out of your skin. … More Façade

Beginning at Balagbag

The road will always be rough – this is the lesson I always remember whenever I go hiking. Things I’ve lost yesterday are still lost today. Knowledge and maturity acquired through the stampede of events and obstacles still remain in me and will continue to define me. Healing is still in progress. Life is still buffering. But not every day is suffering. … More Beginning at Balagbag

A Blink of Singapore

Seeing the lights dance before my eyes, I realized how I was so blinded. It was beautiful; the sparks and beams it exhibited. Beautiful things tend to impair your sight; I ignored every consequence I’ve foreseen. And it all had to end. All of these are temporary. All the lights had to die and I was tired to rage. … More A Blink of Singapore


Bruised and battered, I continue to grovel. Yet I’m still sinking beneath the ground. This is the lowest I have ever been, the bedrock of my timeline. No matter how hard I dig and pull myself up, I am being pulled by the soil. I was always in dirt that up ’til now I would imagine how it feels to fly. Because when I leap, I sink deeper depending on how high I attempted to reach. … More Bedrock

40 Days

I would count the things I will miss about you. I tend to be reminded of you in everything I do or see. I always wondered what you’ll say for every circumstance I’m in. I’d torture myself of all the guilt I started to feel when you died. … More 40 Days

Visiting Hours

Last night, for the very first time since you passed away, I dreamed of you. With overwhelming excitement, I hugged you tightly on your shoulders from behind, losing any sensation of reality. You gave me a chance to at least embrace you one last time, even if it’s unreal. For my arms and my soul, you felt so solid and warm and existent. … More Visiting Hours